Friday, March 24, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Relay For Life Donations

As we announced yesterday, we are currently participating in a Relay For Life event.  We wanted to give you some further details on how we are donating to the cause from that event.  In addition to our usual RFL clothing items, we also have 5 aprons on special for L$50 each, where each sale is donated to RFL.  10% of any purchase from our normal vendors, and from any of our gachas (all current gachas are there), will be donated to RFL as well.  This is something we have done before, and will continue to do at each RFL event.
If you have been considering a collar or clothing item purchase from us, please visit the current RFL event for your purchase.

March 16th total - L$955
March 17th total - L$122 
March 18th - L$195 
March 19th - L$60 
March 20th - L$520 
March 21st - L$75 
March 22nd - L$18
March 23rd - L$110 
Purple Connection Fair Total - L$2055 + L$450 (merchant fees) = L$2505

Gacha Collars Updated

All current gacha offerings have been rebuilt or updated to OpenCollar version 6.4.

We will not swap your collar for a Mod/Copy version of one of the gacha collars.  Gacha collars do not come with improved animations.  Gacha collars are unlikely to receive any further updates.

We will consider one per person exchanges of OC 3.x versions of Ăˆirich, Luma'cam, Milya'appa, and The Enchanted Beanstalk collars.  Follow instructions from this post:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Purple Connection Fair

::A Master's Eye:: and our previous businesses have always supported Relay For Life in Second Life. Our team name this year is a bit different, as the Goreans in the Relay For Life team has split up into supporting teams for the same cause.  We are now part of the Old World Artisans Guild, Team 22.

Our first event is the Purple Connection Fair from 16-22Mar.  Each vendor has 50% off sales, 50L specials, and there are gachas galore!  Help us raise money for a noble cause, and get some great deals at the same time!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Besnit Market Location Closed

Though we never received the notice, Besnit has decided to close their market.  As such, our vendors have now been removed.

Do you know any high traffic locations (20k+) such as your role play sim of choice where you would like to see our vendors for convenient shopping?  If so, please drop a landmark in a notecard, along with a brief thought as to why you think it would work, and send it to Katanya Mistral.

Monday, February 27, 2017

For Those in Need of Help

First of all, sorry for all of the notices in the past two days.  We hope you know that is not normal for our business, but we suddenly had a number of things that needed to go out to keep you up to date.

This post is to address our customers who may be confused as to where to turn for help with ::A Master's Eye::, our products, and the scripting we use.

As we try to point out in our profiles, your first point of contact for any questions, comments, concerns, event invites, etc. is always Katanya Mistral.  Since neither of us log in that much these days, please send her a notecard with whatever your issue is.  You may also send an IM, but those are often lost in all of our offline traffic from groups and vendors.  As detailed in her profile, make sure the notecard is titled with your issue and your name.  Please also include any applicable transaction details.  If you do not speak English, please use a service like Google Translate,, to help write your notecard.  Your notecard needs to include a detailed description of whatever your issue/question/request/etc. is, and you may include your preferred contact method (IM/notecard/email) and times, if you so choose.

You can also use the contact form on our blog,

Refunds are only available for double purchases made on the same day, same time, and from the same account.  In order to receive the refund, you will need to send Katanya Mistral a notecard with your transaction history for both purchases.  You can find your transaction history at

(Same time extends to purchases made within 5 minutes of each other.  Refunds will not be granted to a customer that did not properly read the permissions listed on the ad of each item, i.e. buying an item that they then want to transfer to another account when the item is listed as No Transfer.  Gifting is available from our in world vendors and the SL Marketplace.)

For all of our items with the Copy permission, should something ever go wrong with your purchase, it gets lost via an SL inventory bug, or you just want a fresh copy, there is a redelivery terminal available as you enter the main store.  It is a crate on the left as you enter.  Redeliveries also work for customers who purchased an item from the SL Marketplace.  You can also use any of our in world vendors for a redelivery, simply left click one of the vendors, choose the "Redeliver" button, and find your item via the webpage you are linked to.  Redeliveries will also work from any other CasperVend merchant's terminal or vendor, but finding what you want from us is simpler if you start with our terminal or vendors.

While we are willing to help you with some OC questions, we feel it is better for you to familiarize yourself with the operation of your device.  There is an OpenCollar manual available at and a very helpful in world group of OC enthusiasts, secondlife:///app/group/45d71cc1-17fc-8ee4-8799-7164ee264811/about

FAQ for OC 6.x (the version in all of our full release collars):
•What is my prefix? ↔ The first two letters of your username, i.e. Katanya Mistral=ka
•How do I add myself as owner? ↔ In the Access menu of your collar, click the Vanilla button so there is a checkmark present.  Once you add an Owner, this will be negated, so add Trust instead.
•Why isn't my collar working? ↔ Are you in a location where scripts are disabled?  Have you tried relogging?  Are you using the right prefix?  Are you using the correct channel?  Has your owner turned off your ability to use certain functions?

As we have put out before, we do not update the collars each time there is an update released from OpenCollar.  This is the responsibility of the wearer.  If you go into the menu for your collar, the text above the buttons will update to let you know if there is an update available to your collar.  Update devices are available from OpenCollar only, and we suggest you visit their Sidekick location for it since there is less lag.  Go to and look for the vendor object named OpenCollar Patch.  It should have a glowing red border.

Any major build updates to our full release collars will come through our CasperVend Update system, which will prompt the wearer when an update is available.  You can choose to opt out of this system.  For those that are still receiving update requests from the update system, and do not want to opt out, you can silence this by simply wearing the collar from the latest package that was delivered to you.  Major build updates will be announced via the in world group, in world mailing list, main store bulletin board, blog post, and Facebook page.

All of our clothing items offer a demo via the in world vendor or a linked item on the SL Marketplace.  No refunds will be given because an item does not fit, especially when a demo item was not purchased first.  All of our clothing items were made before mesh bodies were the norm for SL, so they only adhere to standard sizing.  There are no versions available that are fitted mesh or that have been rigged for a specific mesh body.

None of our collars are available as demos.  Due to copybotting concerns, all in world display models were removed from the main store.  If there is a collar you would like to see in person prior to purchase, please contact Katanya Mistral to arrange a viewing.  Please note that viewings are of Katanya or one of our models wearing the collar, not a version you can try.

Custom collar ideas are something we will entertain, but there is no guarantee that we will accept the offer.  Custom clothing or appliers will not be accepted.  Before we agree to a custom collar, a full idea for the collar needs to be presented, with reference pictures if available.  Collars will not be rigged.  There is no set time frame for the creation of a collar as it is done as real life allows.

Besides what the collar looks like, we also need to know what permissions you are hoping for the final version to be, what colors, and if you want it to be scripted with OpenCollar.  There are likely to be many more questions as most customers do not have a fully formed idea of what the exact design is that they want.

Please note that the charge for a custom design could start around L$50,000, but the actual price will not be determined until we have a full design idea submitted.

Gacha is a game of chance.  We are not responsible for which prizes you do or do not receive.  There are no refunds on gacha prizes.  We will not trade you prizes; rely on your fellow gacha players for that.  We are not responsible for other parties selling our gacha items, so if you have a bad transaction with someone else selling our goods, take it up directly with the person you bought from; we will not honor any of these sales and are in no way affiliated with these vendors.

Gacha prizes are unlikely to receive future updates unless we discover an issue with them.   Updates to gacha prizes because of a scripting system rebuild (i.e. OpenCollar version 4+) will only be considered if a significant amount of users request them. Gacha prizes will not come with copy permissions.

We reserve the right to change or revise these terms at any time.

A notecard explaining our collar gestures is included in the box with the gestures.  You may also find the instructions for OC 6.x at or for OC 3.x at

A notecard explaining our additional collar poses is included in the box with the poses.  You may also find the instructions for OC 6.x at or for OC 3.x at

Tips for adjusting applies made for Tangos breasts can be found here:

If there is a help topic we have missed in this post that you would like to see, please use the contact methods above to let us know!

OC 6.4 Updates Complete

We are sure most of you have already applied OpenCollar updates to your collars prior to this notice, but we wanted to let you all know that we have taken the time to go through and manually update all collars available in world and on Marketplace to OpenCollar 6.4. Some of our customers seem confused by the OC update process, so we hope this helps.

This update did not include a change to our updater system, so you will not be prompted to have, nor will you be sent an updated collar from our system. Should you need the update, you can visit the redelivery terminal at our main store, or request a redelivery from any of our in world vendors (left click one of our vendors, choose the "Redeliver" button; this can also be done from any other CasperVend merchant, but it is easier for you if it is one of ours).

If you need any help with OC updates, or other features, please send Katanya Mistral a notecard or use the contact page here on the blog.

For those of you that are still being prompted by our system about an update to your collar: this is from the updates we did last year, 2016, in February and March. If you have questions on this, please contact Katanya Mistral as well, but to stop receiving these you can either opt out of the update system or make sure you wear the collar in the latest package delivered to you.