Friday, November 25, 2016

New Market Trials

For the next two weeks we will see if we can get any sales from a market stall at the House of V, a BDSM Club, or from a stall at Sanctuary, a dark role play sim.  The amount of sales will determine whether or not we keep these locations, so please feel free to drop by or send your friends to either for their next purchase from us.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Adding/Removing Collar Poses

With the last update to OpenCollar, 6.4, there were some changes many of you might be interested in.  You can read all of the details here:

A revised version of our Additional Collar Poses instructions, that incorporates some of these changes, can be found on the Tips page.  The changes cover new methods for adding and removing poses on OpenCollar 6.4+ collars.

"Why do I keep getting collar updates?"

As we transitioned to the new OC build earlier this year, we had a few extra updates that occurred.

If you receive an updated collar from our CasperVend system, please switch out that new collar with the one you are wearing.  Only wearing the most recent collar in our system, or opting out of the update system, will stop you from receiving more update deliveries.

There have been no collar build updates since March 2016.

You can see our original post about collar build updates here:

Monday, November 14, 2016

New items at the gacha yardsale

Adds today from some older gachas.

New items from: Moonlight Shadow, aisling, and Sweet Kajira.

This update includes some Rares and Ultrarares.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

OpenCollar Update

Yesterday, 4Nov, OpenCollar released the version 6.4 update to OpenCollar.

As we have put out before, we do not update our collars each time there is an OC update, you are responsible for obtaining the patch and updating it yourself.

You can get the patch at

Not sure if you need an update? Type <prefix> menu and the dialog will tell you if an update is available; i.e. ka menu

Thursday, October 27, 2016

~ASH~ Gacha Yardsale Reselling Policy

I have had to ban two people this week.

I have put this out before.  If I find you are buying gacha items from my yardsale, and then reselling them, especially at an insanely marked up rate, I will ban you from the gacha store parcel and my vendors.

I sell off my extras so other people can enjoy the items I cannot use.  I don't go to other folks' in world locations or Marketplace stores and buy items that I can pass on to others for a profit, and don't feel it is fair for someone else to do that to me.

I sell all of my Commons at or below pull price because I think it is fair.  Yes, like most other folks, I do charge extra for Rares, but I don't think my prices on those are completely unreasonable given what I see other folks charging.

If you cannot respect this simple rule, then you will simply have to find another place to shop for your pre-purchased/pre-won/pre-pulled gacha goodies.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Boob A Thon

Sorry we are getting this out late as the festivities have already started, but we wanted to let you know that we have a small booth at the Boob A Thon event going on this week.  It's a fundraising event for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Our cancer ribbons are available there, as well at the pink version of the Vefja Camisk, which is discounted to L$50 for the duration of the event.

You can find the schedule of events at our main store.  There is a dance exhibition going on now.

::AME:: @ Boob A Thon