Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wagons of Turia RFL Event 7-10Apr

Our next RFL event starts tomorrow.  We will have our usual RFL items at 50% off, a new selection of L$50 apron specials that all go straight to RFL, the awareness ribbons RFL riot vendors, our free gift, and 10% of normal sales going to RFL.  All current gachas are a part of this event, with 10% going to RFL.

Lots of events for those able to stop by, as well as lots of deals.
Event schedule available in world

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Market Trial: The Wagons of Turia

For the next two weeks we will see if we can get any sales from a market stall at The Wagons of Turia.  The amount of sales will determine whether or not we keep these locations, so please feel free to drop by or send your friends their next purchase from us.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sea of Gold RFL Event 31Mar-2Apr

Starting tomorrow at the Black Caste Killer Island, is our next RFL event.  We have a different set of aprons on special for L$50 each, all going towards RFL.  Our 50% off specials on our RFL clothes, which all goes to RFL.  10% from our normal vendors and gachas goes to RFL.  The gachas this time are Troellen and The Enchanted Beanstalk.

We hope you will join us and the other vendors for this event!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A note about the old Liàn gacha version collars

As announced on the 16th, all CURRENT gacha collars (Èirich, Luma'cam, Milya'appa, and The Enchanted Beanstalk [Troellen is already 6.x]) are available for one per person exchanges of the OC 3.x version for an OC 6.4 version.

This does not include the old Liàn gachas, which is why it was not mentioned in the notice posted via the in world group, in world mailing list, the blog, social media, and Flickr.  All inventory offers for one will be returned.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Relay For Life Donations

As we announced yesterday, we are currently participating in a Relay For Life event.  We wanted to give you some further details on how we are donating to the cause from that event.  In addition to our usual RFL clothing items, we also have 5 aprons on special for L$50 each, where each sale is donated to RFL.  10% of any purchase from our normal vendors, and from any of our gachas (all current gachas are there), will be donated to RFL as well.  This is something we have done before, and will continue to do at each RFL event.
If you have been considering a collar or clothing item purchase from us, please visit the current RFL event for your purchase.

March 16th total - L$955
March 17th total - L$122 
March 18th - L$195 
March 19th - L$60 
March 20th - L$520 
March 21st - L$75 
March 22nd - L$18
March 23rd - L$110 
Purple Connection Fair Total - L$2055 + L$450 (merchant fees) = L$2505

March 31st total - L$275
April 1st total - L$10
April 2nd total - L$235
Sea of Gold Total - L$520


Gacha Collars Updated

All current gacha offerings have been rebuilt or updated to OpenCollar version 6.4.

We will not swap your collar for a Mod/Copy version of one of the gacha collars.  Gacha collars do not come with improved animations.  Gacha collars are unlikely to receive any further updates.

We will consider one per person exchanges of OC 3.x versions of Èirich, Luma'cam, Milya'appa, and The Enchanted Beanstalk collars.  Follow instructions from this post: