Saturday, August 18, 2018

Would you like us to update our collar scripts?

We know we haven't yet updated our collars beyond OpenCollar 6.4.  We have previously spoken about this in a few posts since the split in OpenCollar development late last year.  Almost a year has gone by since that split, and we thought it was time to poll our customers to see if you had a preference for which direction we go with our scripts.

Please let us know your preference by voting in the following poll.  The poll is open until the end of the month.

Which collar scripting system do you want to see in ::A Master's Eye:: collars?

Peanut No. 9 version of OpenCollar (Fire Flower group)
OpenCollar 7.1
I like the current option of updating if I choose to do so
I would rather have an unscripted version

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quick store policy update

The store policies posted at the main store and on our blog have been updated to include the following:
◆No refunds on discounted merchandise (noted by a discount sign beneath the vendor) or gacha purchases

A teleport from the main store to the gacha yard sale has also been added for your convenience.

There were some minor updates to the blog, as far as how pages are listed, and we may have dedicated products pages in the near future, if Katanya has time to finish them.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Legacy Scripted Storage Furniture

Some of you may remember Katanya's store from years ago, ~Armar en Kat~  The main line of products from that store were scripted storage furniture and scripts, which went away when the store closed in 2011.  She has seen some cities and roleplay groups still using my scripts and items, so she has decided to put them back up for sale at highly discounted prices.

Included in this line of products are bookcases for notecard storage, wardrobes for the storage of SL Clothing Layers, and trunks for object storage.  Items are available in different access versions allowing access for all avatars, a set access list, a set group, or only the owner.  Each product has a multi-page menu and content counter.  Scripts are available for each of these products as well.

Also available is a trunk allowing you to store all item types, and configure all access levels in one item.  A notecard mailbox is also available with a configurable access list.

Demos of these products are available at the back of the main store.  The scripted objects are Modify/No Copy/Transfer, and the purchaseable scripts are No Modify/Copy/No Transfer.

Prices for the products are as follows:
    * Individual bookcase, wardrobe, trunk, or mailbox are L$25 (except the Stor-It, all functions inclusive version)
    * Sets with all 4 access versions of a bookcase, wardrobe or trunk are L$75
    * Individual scripts of each storage and access type are L$50 (except the all functions inclusive version which is not offered)
    * The all functions inclusive trunk, Stor-It, is L$100

Please note:  All storage furniture and scripts are sold as is with no planned updates at this time.  Each of the items is a basic textured SL prim, so it can be retextured/reshaped, or the script and can be removed and put in an item of your choosing.  These items have not yet been added to the SL Marketplace, and can only be found in world.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Store Policy Reminder - Marketplace and In World

As a reminder to everyone, here are our most basic store policies.

◆All questions, problems, invites, etc. must be sent to Katanya Mistral.  Any IM/NoteCard/LM sent to Dylan Eun will likely be missed.  You also have the option of using our online contact form at

◆Please be patient and courteous.  We are not online much, and have very demanding real lives and jobs.  We understand a purchasing issue or collar problem can be frustrating, but it isn't the end of the world.  Take a breath, walk away from SL for a few moments, and know that we will do our best to get back to you within 24-72 hours from when you contact us.

◆If English is not your native language, we will do our best to understand you, but it may help if you use Google Translate to write your notecard.

◆Redelivery through in world terminal at main store (for Copy items only).  Redelivery is also possible through any of our vendors:  left click any vendor and choose "Redeliver".

◆Refunds are only available for double purchases made on the same day, same time, and from the same account.  In order to receive the refund, you will need to send Katanya Mistral a notecard in world including the transaction history information for both purchases.

◆Purchases of No Transfer items that were meant to be a gift for another avatar are not refundable.  All items permissions are clearly marked.

◆No refunds on discounted merchandise (noted by a discount sign beneath the vendor) or gacha purchases.

◆For the ~A Slave's Heart~ Gacha Yardsale:  if you make purchases there and are found reselling them, you will be banned from that parcel and all ~A Slave's Heart~ vendors.

◆Please feel free to hang around the stores, chat, enjoy the atmosphere, and watch the girls perform.  If you experience griefing of any kind while you are at the store, send a message to Katanya Mistral, and it will be dealt with as soon as we are able.  Please include details with your message.  If the girls are not AFK, as they have been instructed, they would love to chat with you.

◆The only people who work for ::A Master's Eye:: and ~A Slave's Heart~ are (listed by username not display name):  Dylan Eun, Katanya Mistral, Naadirah Jewell, Atra Harbinger, Natasha Katsu, and Xxizzuss Quandry.  You should only receive inventory offers from Dylan Eun and Katanya Mistral.

Additionally, our gacha terms are listed below.

△Gacha is a game of chance.  We are not responsible for which prizes you do or do not receive.  There are no refunds on gacha prizes.  We will not trade you prizes; rely on your fellow gacha players for that.  We are not responsible for other parties selling our gacha items, so if you have a bad transaction with someone else selling our goods, take it up directly with the person you bought from; we will not honor any of these sales and are in no way affiliated with these vendors.

△Gacha prizes are unlikely to receive future updates unless we discover an issue with them.   Updates to gacha prizes because of a scripting system rebuild (i.e. OpenCollar version 4+) will only be considered if a significant amount of users request them. Gacha prizes will not come with copy permissions.

▶We reserve the right to change or revise these policies/terms at any time.  Should a change to our policies/terms be made, our blog, notecards, as well as the picks in our profiles, will be updated.◀

Sunday, July 22, 2018

New items at the gacha yardsale

Adds today from the current round of The Epiphany, Kinky, some games, and older events.

New items from: [BREATHE], Faida & Fallen Gods Inc., GIZ SEORN, Sallie, Tori Torricelli, ~Nerido~, HolliPocket, MadPea, and deviousMind.

This update includes Rares and Ultrarares.  Over 150 unique products, hundreds of items, even some complete sets!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Collar Scripting Status

Just to let everyone know where we stand on updating the OpenCollar scripts in our collars.  All of our collars are still at OpenCollar version 6.4.  We are aware the OpenCollar scripting effort has branched off into two distinct versions:  the version from the original creators of OpenCollar, and the version offered by the FireFlower group.  As we do not want to assume which of these versions our customers prefer, we are leaving that choice up to you, and leaving the scripts in our existing collars as they are.

This means that if you would like to update the scripts in your collar, you will need to choose between the available branches and get an updater from that group.  The original OpenCollar creators are maintaining a website at where you can read about their version of the collar.  The FireFlower group maintains a website at where you can read about their version of the collar.  You can receive an updater for the original OpenCollar creators' version at, or you can receive an updater for the FireFlower group's version of the collar at

We hope this information is helpful to you all.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop Katanya Mistral a notecard, or fill out the form at our blog,

Sunday, February 4, 2018

New items at the gacha yardsale

Adds today from some old events.

New items from:   [I<3F] & co., Junbug and "Moon_Sha"

This update includes Uncommons and Rares.